Champions Online Surpasses 1 Million Characters; Free-to-Play Until November 2nd

If you're looking for an excuse to slip into some brightly-colored spandex and roam the city streets, Halloween's not your only option this weekend.

nope Developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Atari recently announced that their superhero-themed MMO Champions Online now houses more than 1 million player-created heroes. As we reported earlier, if you're curious to see what it's all about, new players can hop in and play for free all weekend long, until November 2nd.

The free-to-play period also coincides with a special in-game event called "Blood Moon Halloween," where players can "join the fight against Takofanes and his Undead Heroes." We're not sure who Takofanes is, or why you should fear him, but it won't cost you anything to find out this weekend.

Would-be heroes can register on the official site.

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