Game Development Platform 'Unity' Goes Free

Unity Technologies has announced that the limited version of its 'Unity' game development platform previously sold for $199 as 'Unity Indie' will now be available free.

Now simply called 'Unity,' the free engine and suite naturally contain fewer features than the $1499 Pro license but still offer plenty for budding designers and developers to tinker with. You can nab the suite in a 163MB download from FileShack.


"With the explosive growth in new platforms and performance improvement in our Unity suite of products," said CEO David Helgason in a press statement, "We believe that there are no technical hurdles remaining for high quality interactive content everywhere. Now we are removing financial hurdles as well."

While Unity is perhaps best known for powering browser games such as The Quest for R2-D2 and Flashbang Studios' fine games including Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, it can also produce standalone PC, Mac, iPhone and Wii versions.