Nintendo Unveils Large Screen Nintendo DSi

By Chris Faylor, Oct 29, 2009 8:00am PDT Update: Nintendo has confirmed that new model will arrive in North America, where it will be known as the Nintendo DSi XL, during the first quarter of 2010.

Confirming earlier reports, Nintendo today unveiled a heftier version of the Nintendo DSi hardware that sports a larger profile, bigger screens and a much thicker stylus.

Dubbed the Nintendo DSi LL in Japan and DSi XL for Europe, the new model sports two 4.2" screens instead of the 3.25" displays of the DSi or the 3" displays of the DS Lite. A number of assets provided by Nintendo compare it to earlier models.

The Nintendo DSi LL will hit Japan on November 21 for 20,000 yen (~$219)--a slight premium over the region's current 18,900 yen (~$207) asking price of the regular Nintendo DSi. European availability will following in early 2010, with Nintendo only noting that the price is "expected to be higher than that of the Nintendo DSi."

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  • Several people have made the same comment on Slashdot:

    This thing wasn't designed for us. It's designed for old people whose main complaint about the DS is that their eyes are going out and they can't see the screen very well.

    The DS has saturated the hardcore gamer market, as well as the mainstream gamer market, and the casual gaming market. Now they're going for the super casual gaming market - your mom, your dad, your grandparents. This is one of the reasons the Wii is so damn popular - in addition to appealing to mainstream, casual and even the occasional hardcore gamer (like me), it appeals to the older crowd. Nursing homes are buying this for their residents. Physical rehabilitation centers are putting it down as a bullet point in their brochures. People who haven't bought a game console in years and years are buying it.

    Nintendo has moved way past the normal gamer crowds. They've got them this round with both the Wii and the DS. Now they're expanding to everyone else.

    And besides, I sort of miss the good old days when every move from a console maker wasn't so calculated. I liked the good old days when Sega was insane enough to put enough add-ons to the Genesis that you could build a small vacuum cleaner with it. I miss the days when people like 3DO or Atari would take big risks. Nintendo is like Apple in that it still does business the same way it used to and I think that's awesome that it's paying off for them.

  • Dudes, stop complaining about the gba slot removal. Hold onto your old phat or lite if you want to play GBA stuff.

    Then get a DSi too so you can enjoy the downloadable stuff as that gets good (at least 2 good titles so far), the brighter and bigger screen, the new DSi OS, and DSi required games (as they arrive).

    Also, it's funny how the DS has become like Nintendo's ipod of sorts. Yearly releases (sometimes just new colors but it seems they do have a new DS at least once a year now, sometimes we get spiffy new hardware specs like the DSi or DSi XL).