Blood Bowl Update Bringing Dark Elves Next Month

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 23, 2009 9:36am PDT Blood Bowl developer Cyanide has announced a free update will add Dark Elves to its PC adaptation of Games Workshop's American football-inspired game in November.

The Dark Elves--who "combine Elven agility with a cruel brutality"-- have their own "Star Player, cheerleaders, new model designs and unique animations," Cyanide explains.

A retail 'Dark Elves' edition including the update was also announced, though this will still hit only select European countries. A downloadable release is available worldwide.

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  • This is a fun game, even more so if you know the tabletop version.. but it has issues, the multiplayer frontend is really.. really awkward to use, and setting up a game can get tricky.. theres no automatch feature (which I think it is crying out for) so what people do is kind of cherrypick there games in there favour.. people dodge playing higher rated chaos teams like the plague.. for example

    the ingame league options work, if your playing with a group of friends you can rely on turning up to play it's great, otherwise it's really hard to keep a league going

    what alot of people do is use outside sources to run the leagues, and play the games via the public channels.. quick.. painless, and once things get rolling... very fun :)

    this game feels very old school.. in looks and feel, but it's bloodbowl at the end of the day... fun :)