DiRT 2 Trailers Demonstrate DirectX 11

A pair of new DiRT 2 trailers demonstrate the fancy DirectX 11 graphical wizadry which reportedly caused the PC version of Codemasters' racer to be delayed several months.

First up is a tech-focused look at the DirectX 11-enabled features which include "Cloth Tessellation, Hardware Instanced Tessellated Crowd, Tessellated Water with Dynamic Displacement Mapping, Enhanced Lighting and Post Processing."

BOOM video 2784

DirectX 11 arrives today with the release of Windows 7, also due to hit Windows Vista in an update later this month. AMD/ATI has already released the first DirectX 11-capable video cards while Nvidia's offerings are expected to arrive in December.

DiRT 2's North American release date has now been confirmed to be December 1.

Next we have a general-purpose PC trailer, still glistening with all the technological Direct X 11 bells and whistles but more focused on showing gameplay.

BOOM video 2785