Microsoft Aces Studio Alumni Form New Sim Studio

Two veterans of Microsoft Aces Studio--developer of Microsoft's Flight, Combat and Train Simulator series, closed earlier this year--have founded a new sim-focused studio.

Led by Microsoft Train Simulator 2 lead game designer Rick Selby and lead program manager Kathie Flood with "a number of other former Aces members" onboard, Cascade Game Foundry aims to "address the significant hole in the simulation market left by Microsoft's recent departure" and explore unconventional simulator settings.

"Our previous efforts focused on building traditional simulation titles. However, now we get to redefine what a simulation game can be," declared Selby in a press statement.

"The simulation market is known to be a strong, consistent performer, but our vision extends beyond flying and railroading," said Flood. "Think of SCUBA diving off Hawaii, traversing the Andes, hiking the Great Wall of China... the possibilities are endless."