Mushroom Wars Declared on PS3 Tomorrow

By Chris Faylor, Oct 14, 2009 10:02am PDT Digger HD and Smash Cars developer Creat Studios has revealed that Mushoom Wars--the company's seventh PlayStation Network release this year--will arrive in the PlayStation Store tomorrow, Thursday, October 15, at the asking price of $9.99.

The downloadable PlayStation 3 title is billed as "an all-ages, fast-paced, real time strategy (RTS) game that brings arcade skirmish gameplay to the forefront" and is said to sport "simple, straight-forward controls." Alongside the 18 levels of Skirmish and the 25-level Campaign, the game also sports offline same-couch multiplayer.

Oh, you wanted to see it in motion? Why didn't you just say so. "You Win!"

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