More Wallace & Gromit on XBLA Next Month

With the second season of Sam & Max hitting Xbox Live Arcade in its entirety this week, developer Telltale has also provided a status update on Wallace & Gromit. nope "Additional Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures" will be downloadable on Xbox 360 in November, the company specified in a press release today. The first episode in the four-part series hit PC in March and then Xbox 360 in May, where it sold for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). The other three episodes have since hit PC, but not Xbox 360.

Though Telltale has yet to provide exact dates, CEO Dan Connors recently told Shacknews that the remaining Wallace & Gromit episodes should hit Xbox 360 in a more timely manner--in other words, don't expect another six month delay between episodes.