Dragon Age: Origins' Release Day DLC Media

With BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins slated to receive two downloadable expansions at launch, the company has now issued screenshots and trailers detailing the add-ons.


All new copies of Dragon Age: Origins--due on PC and Xbox 360 come November 3, then PlayStation 3 later in the month--will include free codes for both the "Stone Prisoner" expansion and "Blood Dragon Armor" also wearable in Mass Effect 2. "Prisoner" will also be available as a $15 (1200 MS Point) download for those that buy used.

The "Warden's Keep" expansion--priced at $7 (560 MS Points)--will also be available at release, though only those who buy the PC Digital Deluxe Edition will get it free.

"Warden's Keep" Trailer

BOOM video 2736

Stone Prisoner" Trailer

BOOM video 2735