DUST 514 Trailer, EVE Nerdcore Music Vid Released

EVE Online developer CCP has officially released the first trailer for its console MMO-FPS hybrid Dust 514, previously seen only only in shakycam footage.

DUST's infantry and vehicular combat takes place on planets in the EVE universe and will aid the advances of corporations in the PC MMO. Like its elder sibling, DUST has player advancement but no fixed classes. Eurogamer reports 514 will be supported by microtransactions for in-game items when it eventually hits current-gen consoles.

BOOM video 2721

If you're curious about the developers behind the game, CCP's in-house nerdcore group Permaband recently released the following music video for its EVE-inspired song 'HTFU.' Warning: contains 'booty,' cussing and video game spaceship rap.

BOOM video 2726