Will Wright Joins 'Play Industry' with Stupid Fun Club, Still Developing Video Games

Spore and Sims creator Will Wright left Electronic Arts for start-up Stupid Fun Club in April, and now a new interview has shed some light on what his team may be up to.

"We are expanding what we call the 'play industry,'" Wright told VentureBeat. "Games are limited in some ways. Play can be applied to so many different kinds of experiences."

Though the company is invested in many forms of entertainment, including toys and websites, "a few" of its current projects are games. Wright said that the first of the projects "could be commercialized in six months to a year."

"We are very small and will stay small," he said. "We are 12 people right now. I don't ever want it to go above 30. We're looking to partners to help develop games. We want to be more of an early design shop, doing research and development."

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