Dragon Age: Origins' Release Day DLC Priced

BioWare has confirmed the Dragon Age: Origins 'Warden's Keep' content included with the PC Digital Deluxe Edition--which is different than the Collector's Edition and only sold via online shops--will also be available as $7 downloadable content at launch.

Warden's Keep brings "a new dungeon-exploring adventure, new loot including a set of ancient Grey Warden armor, a chance to gain two of six mysterious new abilities, a new base complete with merchants and a party chest to store their hard-earned items."

As was previously announced, the 'Stone Prisoner' DLC found free in all new copies of the game will also be released at $15 for those who buy used when the fantasy RPG hits PC and Xbox 360 on November 3--then PlayStation 3 later in the month.

Available only in new copies is the "Blood Dragon Armor," wearable by characters in both Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. Have a gander through this trailer.

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