Dragon Age: Origins' Release Day DLC Priced

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 08, 2009 8:50am PDT BioWare has confirmed the Dragon Age: Origins 'Warden's Keep' content included with the PC Digital Deluxe Edition--which is different than the Collector's Edition and only sold via online shops--will also be available as $7 downloadable content at launch.

Warden's Keep brings "a new dungeon-exploring adventure, new loot including a set of ancient Grey Warden armor, a chance to gain two of six mysterious new abilities, a new base complete with merchants and a party chest to store their hard-earned items."

As was previously announced, the 'Stone Prisoner' DLC found free in all new copies of the game will also be released at $15 for those who buy used when the fantasy RPG hits PC and Xbox 360 on November 3--then PlayStation 3 later in the month.

Available only in new copies is the "Blood Dragon Armor," wearable by characters in both Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. Have a gander through this trailer.

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  • Just out of curiosity? How much of an impact from the poor economy is the game industry experiencing? This methodology of 'nickel and diming' while annoying, makes me wonder if the companies actually feel a need to do this to stabilize or increase profits.

    It is hard for gamers, even for those of us who have quality jobs - bringing in a decent income to shell out $60 dollars for a game right now - but we do it to support the companies and enjoy the final product. I just hope these companies are actually benefiting from all the extra, additional fees they are pushing. If they are, and it is helping them provide better, quality products for me and everyone else then I'm more than willing to shell out more money for new content regardless of its timeframe of being finished.

    For the record, I know EA doesn't have a very positive reputation with the general gamer community, however, Bioware has always come across as quality, respectable people to me. Even those I have met at past game conferences or events always seemed like stand up guys. I don't think I would ever consider Bioware to be 'moneyhats' (at least at this point in time), and if this is a situation where it is all about bringing in more money and taking advantage of the consumers, I would without question point the finger towards EA myself.