New Brutal Legend Videos See Jack Black Talk Shrinkage, Erections and Roadie Lifestyle

In celebration of Rocktober's commencement, Electronic Arts has passed along a wealth of new pictures and videos related to Double Fine's upcoming Brutal Legend. nope Most of it features creator Tim Schafer and voice actor Jack Black. Sometimes they even interact. For example, Schafer and Black chatting while the latter is "in character" and discussing the effect that a "commitment to excellent" and steroids have on girth. BOOM video 2713

If you'd rather a glimpse at the game itself, we have that too. BOOM video 2711

Here's another clip of Schafer and Black, this time addressing the press. BOOM video 2712

And in case you just can't get enough: The Various Poses of Jack Black. BOOM video 2710

If you're still reading, you probably already know that Brutal Legend is out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 come October 13. I'd offer a reminder that a downloadable demo is available, but if you made it through all of that up there, you probably know that too.