New Resident Evil 5 Content via DLC or Re-release? Capcom Wants Your Take

With an enhanced "Alternative Edition" of Resident Evil 5 coming soon to Japan, maker Capcom has opened a poll to help determine if the new content should instead hit North America as downloadable content for those that already own the game. nope

"[The physical re-release] makes absolutely perfect sense for the Japanese gaming market, where the uptake of digital content is a bit behind the western markets," Capcom's Chris Kramer explained in a blog post accompanying the poll.

For votes to be counted, users must have registered and logged into Capcom Unity.

"However, based on the success of the RE5 'Versus' downloadable content, as well as digital-only titles like Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Marvel VS Capcom 2, we know that the demand for DLC in the west is huge...We're gonna let the poll run for a few weeks, then present the team with the results and our recommendations."

Due in Japan on PlayStation 3 next spring, RE5: Alternative Edition packs a new mission and PlayStation Motion Controller support. The new content is also due on Xbox 360 in some form, though it had been reported as being too large to be downloadable.

The company has yet to specify if the new content will arrive on PC as well.