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By Nick Breckon, Oct 05, 2009 6:00pm PDT Not sure I wanted to see any of that Modern Wafare 2 trailer. Though I did like what I saw.


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  • What I don't get, and even find a little bit annoying, is people who make their living doing some kind of on-site service who have to ask for directions to your fucking house. I mean seriously you can get a Garmin for like a hundred bucks, and that's not even to mention the free resources on the internet and the availability of nav stuff on cell phones.

    I just had another person do this with me, he needs to stop by and appraise something for insurance/warranty purposes. Fortunately he knows my area very well (has a relative here or something) otherwise he probably would have been asking for full turn-by-turn. If I had this guy's job I would be GPS shopping on the very first day.

    Do you other shackers ever see this or do I just have cavemen doing these jobs around here? I've had it happen multiple times in the last year.

  • I remain very enthusiastic about Borderlands. I am still going to wait and see what people say after its released before busting out the plastic. However, the fact that Gearbox is so holding so much close to its chest once was frustrating but now its rather titillating. I mean maybe I am missing something but has the been any MP footage?

    Do we have any idea what the vehicle combat looks like? Are the vehicles going to come in as many different flavors as the guns? Will there be mod tools? Sure, they have been a bit coy lately but who fault is that? Everyone here started crying about all the hype. Maybe I am alone but I never got enough. Seriously, one of the last remaining untouched genre of gameplay is about to be broached.

    Wild, wild west is driving a V8 down Route 66 going full bore toward a head-on collision with a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT coupe full of thieves smoking zyme out of a digeridoo. Its all the more exciting that this game has given us proof that Steve Gibson is not an expatriate smoking hand-rolled Sampson and drinking Belguim ales from a canal boat in the Netherlands and that he has decided to use his powers for the good of all gamers.

    Its an auspicious month. The temperature is dropping fast in California and I am looking forward to the longer nights spent with a great game or three. Brutal Legend could be in my lucky three. Unsure about the last one but the fact that Dirt 2 and DirectX 11 is being released on Steam ~12/10/2009 makes the next few months look like a great time to be a gamer.

    So I hope my hunch is correct and Borderlands is the sleeper hit of 2009. I recently re-installed Battlefield 2142 because there just isn't another game with the same kind of multiplayer action for people who have an insatiable appetite for jeeps, robots, tanks and APCs running around blowing spaceships up. The fact Borderlands and Brutal Legend both seem to me offering vehicular carnage means good times could be ahead.