Konami Reviving 'Rocket Knight' Series

The rocket-powered hijinks of armored opossum Sparkster are to continue, as Konami today revealed plans to revive the old 16-bit series on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"The idea is that there haven't been any games these past 15 years simply because Sparkster hasn't had any adventures," Konami producer Tomm Hulett told 1UP. That all changes when battle once again calls on our hero, resulting in the discovery that his former pig foes have now allied with the opposums in a war against the wolves. nope

Slated to arrive as a digital download in 2010, the side-scrolling sequel is set fifteen years after the last entry, 1994's Sparkster, and is being developed by Climax. An "arcade" mode is set to retain the difficulty and level-by-level approach of the past titles, with a "free play" mode offering modern design concessions like saves and level select.