Witcher Dev CD Projekt Merges with Polish Company, Plans to Go Public

By Nick Breckon, Oct 02, 2009 1:00pm PDT CD Projekt, the Polish developer of the cult favorite PC RPG The Witcher, is set to be acquired by the "nearly defunct" Polish computer company Optimus S.A.
In an easily confusing set of financial trickery, the move will actually allow the owners of CD Projekt to become the owners of the new public company, enabling the once-private company to go public on the stock exchange.

"Since Optimus is a stock market company, CD Projekt will in fact go public and have access to all stock instruments," said a CD Projekt spokesperson to Kotaku. "Ultimately, this means money for future development of the whole company."

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  • The partners in CD Projekt probably already have a majority stake in Optimus. Sell the partnership into the corporation, get approval from your lenders to move your debt obligations to the corp, or more likely just keep them attached to the assets within the corp, and now you have a liquid way to trade part of the company without worrying over things like finding single large buyers to purchase a chunk of the business. Now, 30% of the company can be owned by a million people, for example, and they still hold 60% of the venture.

    There's nothing wrong with doing stuff like this, but it's not usually considered the greatest thing unless you can somehow corner every stupid share of the company. If there are 5% shares outstanding beyond what you're holding, when you sell your corp to it they get 5% of your shit.

    What I think is really happening is a tender for shares above the current market price, which will be a requirement for the deal to go through. If they don't get 100% participation, then they just like Optimus die and find another ghost stock to do this with.

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