New GTA 4: Gay Tony Screenshots, Trailer

Rockstar has released some new media for the Grand Theft Auto 4 downloadable episode The Ballad of Gay Tony.

First up is a trailer for Episodes from Liberty City, the retail disc containing both Gay Tony and the previous episode, Lost and the Damned. The video introduces the Gay Tony characters of Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas. BOOM video 2691 Following that, we've got a full list of the new vehicles included in Gay Tony, along with a few shots of the crafts: nope Cars:

  • APC
  • Buffalo
  • Bullet
  • Caddy
  • F620
  • Serrano
  • Super Diamond
  • Faggio
  • Buzzard
  • Swift
  • Smuggler
Coming October 29, the Gay Tony will be available as a $20 download for Grand Theft Auto IV owners, and as part of the $40 standalone "Episodes from Liberty City" disc.