Resident Evil 5 Trailer Explores New Mission

By Chris Faylor, Oct 01, 2009 1:40pm PDT Last week, we got word that Capcom was planning to re-release Resident Evil 5. Yesterday, we got details on the new content. And today? Today, we have a trailer.

Packing support for the new PlayStation Motion Controller, Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition arrives on PlayStation 3 next spring in Japan. The new mission is also coming to Xbox 360 in some form, though Capcom says it's too big to be downloadable content.

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  • Off topic but it bugged me that they didn't have the split screen option on the pc, I wanted to play co-op with my gf who's a big RE fan, but with past versions, we rotate or play separately. I was looking forward to this but it was taken out.

    But what bugs me is, it's not like re5 for the pc was a port and they didn't bother with the split screen, (as the pc was their development platform for the ps3/xbox360 versions), so I highly suspect the split screen code is in there, they just didn't enable it.

    I think this partly stems back from way back when, the pc used the midi port on soundcards as a gameport. And you didn't have another, so it was a pain to hook up two controllers to a pc. But in this day and age, with usb and even tv out, you can have that 'console' experience.

    Please developers, leave in/port over split screen options. Yeah a lot of people don't like it cause it's cramped. And then you have things like l4d. If valve stuck to their pc roots, there would have never been a splitscreen mode. But since it's a given (to have a split-screen feature) on the consoles, they made that option. Once again it was 'removed' from the pc (again, it's more work to take out the code, instead, just don't provide a menu option). But with command console access, people enabled it, and not only that but could set custom resolutions and coupled with using twinview, could split across two screens.

    My girlfriend and I have done this numerous times and it's great. But I think this was a fluke and I'll never have another game where I can pump out one screen to the tv, and one to the monitor. Just like they don't expect someone to have two consoles and buy two copies of the game to play with a friend, don't expect me to have two rigs (with modern enough hardware to play the game) and again two copies to play the highly touted co-op play of RE5.

    Otherwise, I'm expected to play online with strangers. Which is fine by me normally with a typical mutli-player fare, but not a game of this type.