Fort Zombie Screenshots Hit the Streets

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 30, 2009 1:50pm PDT A ripe batch of Fort Zombie screenshots has risen, showing more of the post-zombie apocalypse action RPG from Sword of the Stars developer Kerberos Productions.

Fort Zombie might not win any beauty contests but it might be right up your alley if you're eager to put your zombie survival plan to the test--which you have surely, as a member of the Internet, already formulated. With the undead hordes of Piety, Indiana, out for your delicious brains, you'll fortify a home base, search for suvivors and scavenge supplies.

Fort Zombie is slated for a downloadable release on PC this fall for the small sum of $14.99, published by Paradox Interactive. Thanks to Shacker mastermike569 for the tip.

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  • The constant threat of a worldwide zombie outbreak is why we need to stop worrying about the olympics in Chicago and start working on colonizing other planets. If this one's filled with the ravening undead, we need a do-over world.

    Two horrible screenplay ideas I just came up with: Venus is the first planet inhabited in the solar system, and we abandoned it due to zombie infestation. Now we're coming back, and boy will we be surprised.

    Second, the Baby Boomers' obsession with extending their lives and youth leads to a drug that seems to work, at first, but ultimately leads to: Zombification! In order to stay animate, they must feed on the blood of the young. Actually, sounds like a metaphor for social security.