Three Elven Legacy Expansions Due This Year

A trilogy of expansion packs for Ino-Co's fantasy-themed strategy title Elven Legacy (PC) will hit North America before the end of 2009, publisher Paradox has revealed.

The first, Elven Legacy - Ranger, hits October 20, packing 16 new campaign missions and two new heroes. The second, Siege follows November 17, packing 20 missions (19 campaign, 1 bonus) along with two "different" armies and three new heroes. nope

Then on December 1, Magic concludes the trilogy with 16 new missions (15 campaign, 1 bonus), "the return of some older heroes" and "additional tactical possibilities."

Each expansion will be released as a $9.99 digital download--it was not specified if the releases will require a copy of the original Elven Legacy or if they'll be stand-alone.