Zuma's Revenge - Adventure Offers Smaller Portion of Ball-Blasting for $10

PopCap's quest to take over the world with addictive casual gaming reaches insidious new depths with the release of a cut-down version of Zuma's Revenge for a mere $9.99.

Zuma's Revenge - Adventure contains only the froggy sequel's 'Adventure' mode, which offers sixty levels of ball-blasting action with six boss battle minigames.


You can give Adventure mode a shot in the timed demo to judge whether its updated gameplay and high-res graphics mode are worth one of your crisp Hamiltons.

PopCap says Adventure is out now on digital platforms including Steam, though it does not seem to be available yet. The complete $20 version of Zuma's Revenge was released only this month, with further modes including challenge and gauntlet levels.