Dragon Age: Origins Trailer Introduces Zevran

by Alice O'Connor, Sep 28, 2009 7:21am PDT

"I grew up around Antivan whores," assassin Zevran declares in his introductory trailer. "What?" another member of your party rightly exclaims in absolute astonishment.

Behind the sex and shlock marketing, though, BioWare's RPG Dragon Age: Origins still packs the tactical combat and engaging fantasy world one would expect from the developer of Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

Dragon Age: Origins is slated to hit PC and Xbox 360 on November 3 then PlayStation 3 later in the month, published by EA and packing free downloadable content.


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  • I just don't understand where all the bad feeling for this game is coming from....WTF is wrong with you people.
    Have you even read an article by someone who has played the game? Go read a Games mag or website, the previews are POSITIVE as hell! They say it's coming along great!

    As for the marketing, I don't get why some people are so ticked off about it. Bioware are billing it as a "dark, heroic fantasy" so yeah, shit sometimes goes down like in real life (minus the Magic/Swords etc). Hate to break it to you guys but people have sex! OMFG! And although it looks "in your face" in the trailers, we aren't seeing the lead-up! Can you not understand this? Bioware have always made the "romance" portion of their games tasteful, and to good effect, just look at ME. Probably the most tasteful sex with an alien encounter ever created.

    Every time a new vid/bit of info comes out all you get are the naysayers with their "losing interest" shit. Guys, seriosuly, where is your faith! Bioware have an outstanding history of great RPG's, just trust that this game is gonna pwn!

    I think most of you have built up a different game in your mind when you saw the "spiritual successor" line about BG, and basically already have an opinion of the game YOU want. I say let the dev's give us the game THEY envision, and then we'll decide if it's good.

    So in conclusion, naysayers remember my shackname, and if it turns out that DA:O is wank, feel free to flame me all you like, but if it ISNT! and i strongly believe it won't be, prepare to eat your words.

  • Great you got blood splatters. WTF is next, pearl necklaces?

    a) who the hell greenlighted this at BioWare
    b) what were they thinking?
    c) is it too late to stop them reproducing?

    I mean come on. BioWare made GREAT games without having to resort to this shlock. If you're going to put pixsex in your game, at least make it LOOK good.

    Give me a break.

    PS: No way I let that assassin live. You come after me and I survive, you're a dead assassin, not a failed assassin who I let join ... ass ... ass ... in ... somewhere in there there's a double entendre ... or at least a bad bioware pixsex