Assassin's Creed 2: Discovery Coming to DS

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 25, 2009 7:58am PDT Ubisoft announced today that Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines co-developer Griptonite Games is developing a DS version of Assassin's Creed II subtitled 'Discovery.'

Described as an "untold chapter," Discovery sees Ezio trying to rescue fellow assassins from Spain and foiling a fiendish Templar plot to "sail west and discover the New World."

DSi owners have the treat of being able to snap their mugs--or whichever appendage or orifice they find most hilarious--to appear on 'Wanted' posters throughout the game.

Discovery hits DS on November 20--three days later than the Assassin's Creed II's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release but months before the delayed PC version.

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