Morning Discussion: Revenge of the TGS

Can't talk--Tokyo Game Show. Shackmod scribe supreme thekidd saves us all again.
When one considers the masterminds of the evil scientific world, one has to wonder where the blame lies. Why haven't evil genius's ruled the world yet? They have the knowledge, or else they wouldn't be geniuses. They have the discipline, or else they wouldn't be evil (because let's think on that: an undisciplined evil do-er is really just a lazy pacifist). The fault, then sirs, doesn't lie with their ability, but with their technique.

Doomsday devices, mass hostage-takings, gigantic lasers, Roseanne Barr. These were all capable outlets, but they lacked true vision. Their complexity, it seems, remains always their downfall. The future evil genius's need to learn from past mistakes and forge a new path for world domination. A combination of tools so powerful that the world could only tremble before their might: Koalas in Kangaroo pouches. The world would die of cuteness overload, and it would be ours for the taking.

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