Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 24, 2009 4:00am PDT With your Shackstaff rendered gibbering wrecks by the Tokyo Game Show, guest Chatty maestro Ramesses Jebediah 'thekidd' Ralph Jimbob Kidd II steps in to save the day.

"If you were 6 months into a relationship and someone told you they had a mental disease, would you be upset?" my friend asked me. I delved deeper into the enigma, "you mean like being a vegetarian?" He raised his eyebrow, a sign that he took my question for mockery. It's true, I didn't care about the answer to my question, but he knew I cared less about the answer to his. It was a stalemate. That is, until the waitress came to refill my tea. Seeing his opening, he repeated the question to her. "If you were dating someone and they told you they had a mental illness, would you be mad at them?" The waitress responded, "like being vegan?" Checkmate.

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  • PC Help PLZ!

    I just recently ran into a problem were two PCs, running the same hardware, decided not show the DVD drive installed. It first happen to my brothers PC, overnight the DVD drive disappeared from My Computer but would show an exclamation mark on Device Manager, and now I got another PC with exactly the same hardware, did the same thing thing. The drive shows in the BIOS and Device Manager, but it says "It failed to start-up the drive because it could not be found", we changed the cables and I even bought a SATA drive and it says the same thing.

    Help me SHACK!