Empire: Total War Getting Steam-exclusive DLC

Despite the announcement of Napoleon: Total War, Creative Assembly isn't giving up on its Empire. In addition to a new 1.4 patch for the game, the company today announced a new downloadable campaign for Empire: Total War will be released in October.

The Native American-centric DLC will see players choosing from five new tribal factions--Iroquois, Huron, Plains, Pueblo and Cherokee--in the new Warpath Campaign. nope The campaign will feature an expanded North American map, as well as new units, agents, technologies and objectives. Exclusive to Steam, the DLC can now be pre-ordered for $10.

Empire will also be updated with a 1.4 patch tomorrow. The patch adds minor fixes and two historical conflicts: the Battle of Rossbach and the Battle of Fontenoy. Thanks to mike44w for the alert.

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