Bookworm and Bejeweled DS, DSiWare Detailed

PopCap today detailed the Nintendo DS versions of Bookworm and Bejeweled Twist--announced in passing earlier this year--as well as announcing DSiWare releases.

While the downloadable DSiWare titles will have modes trimmed out, the DS cartridge releases offer the full shebang--and Bookworm further receives new modes and features. Interestingly, Bejeweled Twist offers multiplayer across the two versions.


Bejeweled Twist arrives on DSiWare this month--which must mean next Monday--with the DS version hitting retail on December 1. Bookworm DSiWare will be released in mid-October, while the DS version isn't due until the first quarter of 2010. Keep on reading for the word from PopCap on which version contains what.

Bookworm DSiWare and DS

Bookworm was originally released by PopCap in January of 2005 and has been ported and re-optimized for ten different platforms, boasting over 100 million downloads, and making it the world's most popular digital word game. Now, for the first time, Bookworm has been adapted for Nintendo DSiWare and Nintendo DS with an array of new features and modes that are exclusively available on DS. The DSiWare version of Bookworm includes the complete Classic mode and has been specifically tuned for dual-screen, vertical use. The DS version offers all of the content that has made Bookworm so popular as well as entirely new gameplay not available anywhere else, including the multiplayer Bookworm Battle mode, 20 all-new Collectible Books, the ability to construct a library based on your game progress, and the all-new "Lex-Ray" - a fun new way for the game's hero, "Lex," to measure and track your growing spelling and vocabulary prowess...

Bejeweled Twist DSiWare and DS

Bejeweled Twist was originally released to critical acclaim in October 2008 and these two new versions of Bejeweled Twist are the very first video game platform adaptations of this important franchise. Bejeweled Twist now features the ability to challenge and play other gamers over an ad-hoc wireless connection. Playing on either the DS, or on the Nintendo DSi system, this is the first game to allow for interoperable multiplayer gaming between these two platforms...

Bejeweled Twist for DSiWare features the addicting gameplay of Classic and Multiplayer modes, offering infinite replayability. Bejeweled Twist DS is a full-featured version containing even more gameplay action, including three additional game modes: Zen (for a quick stress-busting experience), Blitz (for past-paced action to challenge even the most hardcore players) and Challenge (featuring infinite action and multiple levels of difficulty). This is the first time that Bejeweled Twist has been ported to any video game console.