Xbox 360's 250GB HDD 'Not Being Sold Separately'

BOOM widget 362996 Following up on the announcement of a $400 Modern Warfare 2-themed "limited edition" Xbox 360 that comes with a 250GB HDD, Microsoft has clarified that the console's largest hard drive yet will not be sold separately.

"This hard drive is not being sold separately," Xbox Live programming director Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb noted during a video examining the bundle, embedded below.

Microsoft currently sells two different configurations of the Xbox 360 hardware--the $200 Arcade, which has 512MB of storage, and a $300 Elite that comes with a 120GB HDD.

The 120GB hard drive is available separately for $150, a purchase geared towards those with an Arcade unit or an earlier model of the Xbox 360 with a smaller hard drive. A 60GB HDD, 3 months of Xbox Live and a headset are also available in a $100 bundle.

Along with game saves, the Xbox 360's hard drive is used to store downloaded content, such as full games and game add-ons, optional game installs, music and more. BOOM video 2591