ARMA 2 Patch 1.04 Makes Mice Happy

Bohemia Interactive has today released patch 1.04 for its battlefield simulator ARMA 2, available now for your downloading pleasure in a 134MB file over on FileShack.


Chief among the patch's changes are eagerly-awaited improvements to mouse handling and responsiveness, further crash fixes, and a smattering of multiplayer fixes. Click on through for the full changelog.


  • New: Added mouse smoothing to game options.
  • New: Enabled multiple parameters for MP missions.
  • New: Mouse filtering strenght adjustable using mouseSmoothing=NNNN in user config.
  • New: Command line argument -cpuCount=NNN to override cpu count detection.
  • Improved: Mouse smoothing disabled for fast movement.
  • Improved: Mouse smoothing can be disabled in user profile file using line mouseSmoothing=0;
  • Improved: Audio volume settings.
  • Fixed: Soldier were walking on non-existant heaps of debris from destroyed buildings.
  • Fixed: Autocoordination caused rudder oscillation in high speed flight.
  • Fixed: Crashes in VoN when many players were speaking simultaneously.
  • Fixed: Immortal freezed soldiers occured in MP.
  • Fixed: Broken kill scoring in MP (two points for unit kill).
  • Fixed: Input key actions are no longer active while chat mode.
  • Fixed: Diag_log used with long text argument caused crash.
  • Fixed: Mouse scrolling in diary.
  • Fixed: Enemy kills made by player using stolen enemy vehicle are no longer considered as friendly kills.
  • Fixed: Switching to Utes from Chernarus caused Utes to contain infinite landscape.
  • Fixed: Time of day synchronized on client after connection to server.
  • Fixed: Speed of sound simulation.
  • Fixed: Fire from rifle distort sound.
  • Fixed: Crash by malformed input to a diag_log scripting function.
  • Fixed: Dark muzzle flash in some of the weapon optics.
  • Fixed: MP: Ships and boats used excessive bandwidth and CPU power.
  • Fixed: Players are no longer forced to reconnect after MP Load on server.
  • Fixed: Bike rider can be no longer healed.
  • Fixed: Sometimes crew of a near vehicle was visible through the vehicle.
  • Improved: Communication menu updated to work with the new menu systems.
  • Fixed: Some persistent RE calls added for better JIP compatibility in campaign.
  • Fixed: Music was sometimes not playing properly due to faulty playMusic RE command call.
  • Fixed: Scene area cleared from exploding destroyed vehicles during various scenes.
  • Fixed: Possible appearance of immortal non-player characters in campaign.
  • Fixed: (First to Fight) MP: Logos shown on client every time after JIP.
  • Fixed: (First to Fight) MP: Skeet shooting not working for clients after JIP.
  • Fixed: (First to Fight) Players not boarded in the chopper if they got in the towing tractor.
  • Fixed: (Into the Storm) MP: Bad position of client players during converation.
  • Fixed: (Into the Storm) Some voice-subtitles difference in the first dialog.
  • Fixed: (Into the Storm) MP: No callsign for HQ entity on clients.
  • Fixed: (One Week Later) MP: Clients not sitting on bikes after leaving the AAV.
  • Fixed: (One Week Later) MP: Player is no longer the co-pilot in the Osprey.
  • Fixed: (Manhattan) Escort chopper often shot down.
  • Fixed: (Manhattan) Palyer stuck in the animation after first scene.
  • Fixed: (Badlands) Prizrak no longer initiates conversation if Cooper is in a vehicle.
  • Fixed: (Badlands) Non-fucntional ending in campaign scenario.
  • Fixed: (Missing in Action) Redundant random sentences from Razor.
  • Improved: Ambient Civilians module caused lag in MP due to window lights.
  • Fixed: Undefined variables in Ambient Civilians module.
  • Fixed: High Command could behave strange when someone added his own display event handler.
  • Fixed: Wrong positions of objects/logics.
  • Fixed: Performance problems related to Animals module in MP.
  • Improved: Some of the vehicle HUDs now contain missing info.
  • Fixed: Alignment issues on several wrapper UI screens.