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By Nick Breckon, Sep 10, 2009 6:00pm PDT Making my way to the California Academy of Sciences tonight to have some fun at the Morrison Planetarium, the largest digital planetarium in the world. EA held a Spore event at the place last year, three weeks before it opened to the public. Will Wright and Frank Drake (of Drake Equation fame) were in attendance. It was pretty amazing.

What's nice about the Morrison is they've incorporated a ton of NASA data and images from beyond the Milky Way galaxy. The software can push in on Earth, and pull all the way back to the outer-reaches of the known universe. I can't imagine what kind of impact that would have had on me as a child. The Moon is crazy enough.

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  • So yeah, after a month without the internet, which I got back a few days ago.....I am now faced with the situation of a fallen telephone mast just outside my flat.

    Some builder types apparently knocked it over while working somehow and just left it. Only reason I realised was because my internet randomly d/c'd followed shortly by the phone going nuts and ringing all the time without any callers. Just a load of static and crossed wire speak.

    I went outside and the mast is literally leaning against a tree with all the wires entangled in its branches, wires that were once attached to this building. I keep getting intermittent net disconnections and the phone doesn't work at all lol.