Dragon Age Trailer: Leliana 'Revealed'

By Nick Breckon, Sep 10, 2009 8:02pm PDT The latest trailer out of the Dragon Age hype machine introduces the character of Leliana. She kills a couple jerks, slays a few monsters, and has some sex. I suppose there's not much else to do in the age of dragons.

Dragon Age hits the PC and Xbox 360 on November 3, with a PS3 release to follow.

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  • If you are an hard core RPG fan, you already know that Bioware has been trying to dump down the RPG genre ever since they entered the console scene with KOTOR. Every game they made after Baldur's Gate 2 was more dumped down the previous game, all the way to Mass Effect, which was so dumped down most people started to refer to it as an "action/combat RPG". And now with Dragon Age they have introduced a new level of stupidity with this "new shit" AD campaign. Sorry, but the Bioware who made BG2 is dead, and i'm sick of people using their former reputation to justify whatever stupid shit they come up with this days.

  • On that "hollywood" note, what did you expect when an industry that used to be the "red headed bastard child" of the computer industry and that funded itself was "eyed" and started being funded by the greedy wall street lackeys? You get just that, games that have all flash and absolutely no substance and an industry that cares more on the next dollar than bringing about an innovative and satisfying experience. I sure miss the time when smaller development houses and bold publishers ruled the games industry, that's when the best games ever (for all platforms) hit the streets; now they revive these old games to keep making money from them. On a Dragon Age related note, I think if they can make the combat system not get in the way of the gameplay and invite the casual gamer in, this game will be a winner; I hope the give us the character development depth they're promising.