Morning Discussion: Post-It From America

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 10, 2009 7:00am PDT My American adventure is drawing to a close and I must say I'm going to miss you, young man. You're the progeny I shall never understand but you're alright in my book. We should see more of each other.

Having received a dose of the Virginia suburb experience, I would rather like to take similar jaunts to other parts of your mahoosive and diverse land. Downtown Salt Lake City, a tiny apartment in San Francisco, a bungalow in a one-stoplight Minnesota town, out in the New Mexico sticks... not chasing sights and attractions but simply enjoying a snifter of life. Take care, have fun, be good and don't be a stranger.

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  • WoW folks.

    Lately I’ve seen a few posts about trying to organize a WoW re-roll guild. The few remaining CGR Alliance/Attention Horde players have left Stormreaver and have re-rolled horde a few months ago and recently transferred a few of our characters to Mal’ganis. Currently we have about 12 active members with many characters of varied levels. We’ve been doing everything from RFC to pug 25 man ToC. It’s been a lot of fun. We would like to offer anyone looking for a guild the option to tag up.

    Come play with us!

    /join shacknews or whisper someone in <Attention Horde> for invite.