Morning Discussion: Post-It From America

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 10, 2009 7:00am PDT My American adventure is drawing to a close and I must say I'm going to miss you, young man. You're the progeny I shall never understand but you're alright in my book. We should see more of each other.

Having received a dose of the Virginia suburb experience, I would rather like to take similar jaunts to other parts of your mahoosive and diverse land. Downtown Salt Lake City, a tiny apartment in San Francisco, a bungalow in a one-stoplight Minnesota town, out in the New Mexico sticks... not chasing sights and attractions but simply enjoying a snifter of life. Take care, have fun, be good and don't be a stranger.

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  • Re: Health Insurance problems, as described here:

    I got in touch with them today, and the guy I spoke *thinks* that it should have been covered. However, the "codes" that I submitted apparently were just the procedure and diagnosis codes, and not for the sale of durable medical devices. Never mind that this is exactly what they've asked me to provide them with on a half dozen separate occasions, and never mind that I don't see why it even matters to begin with. Anyway, now I need to go hassle the vendor for more codes and resubmit the claim (which they won't do for me). And I'm pretty sure when they finally get back to me about the new claim they're going to deny it because they're confused why I submitted the claim a third time. And then I'll have to resubmit it a fourth time.