Sonic & Knuckles, Wallace & Gromit Episode 2 Hitting XBLA This Week

This Wednesday's batch of Xbox Live Arcade releases will be the the second episode of Telltale's Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures adventure series, titled 'The Last Resort,' as well as the previously-announced Sonic & Knuckles, Microsoft has proclaimed.


Costing 400 Microsoft Points ($5), platformer port Sonic & Knuckles will also replicate the Sega Genesis original's 'stacking' capabilities by making the echidna playable in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 if you own them on XBLA, and revamping Sonic 1's Chaos stages.

The Last Resort continues the Grand Adventures of England's favourite plasticine man and dog for 800 MS Points ($10), seeing them open a water park in their cellar. Zany!