Heroes of Newerth Trailer Unveils DotA Action

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 03, 2009 7:15am PDT Following a lengthy period of mysterious silence, S2 Games has finally lifted the wraps from its PC multiplayer RTS-RPG Heroes of Newerth with a website and trailer.

HoN is in essence an expanded version of Warcraft III custom map Defense of the Ancients, where players control, level up and equip a single unit amidst a large battle, and will hit for $30 in 2009's fourth quarter.

Former DotA developer 'Guinsoo' is working at Riot Games on its own DotA-inspired title League of Legends. Thanks to everyone who tipped us off about HoN's site.

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  • It's a superb game that's extremely addictive. As others have said the only real issues are the community is somewhat feral - something the dota community has always been famous for. That and it has a pretty ridiculously difficult learning curve. Sure there's tons of games with 5v5 NOOBS ONLY in the titles, but good luck actually finding one with noobs in it - and if you are that unfortunate only newb in the game...well expect to be abused when y ou dont know what to do or die etc (dying in dota/hon = bad - it feeds the enemy gold/experience)

    Beyond that though, if you have reasonably thick skin, you will find a fantastically realised, intense team-based game. Graphically they've taken the DOTA look and really ran with it, it has some absolutely superb animations and fx, with a great range of diverse heroes to match.