Batman PC Trailer Highlights PhysX Effects

By Chris Faylor, Sep 01, 2009 2:35pm PDT What, you thought that the trailer train would stop just because Batman: Arkham Asylum arrived on consoles last week? Why, that notion is almost as mad as The Joker himself.

Instead of focusing on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions, the latest trailer examines the September 15-due PC edition and the various PhysX effects--falling leaves, rustling papers, fog, more tiles per explosion, etc.--that NVIDIA's GeForce hardware adds.

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  • Physics are the future of gaming. They give immersion a whole new meaning and are the key to true cinematic gaming experiences. For along time, nothing in video games has really felt believable. A firefight in a movie, sends up a dazzling array of environmental destruction, instantly drawing the audience. However, in many games, shooting, something merely results in a few sparks. Now, video games can start to even out the game a little more.

    "But we don't need a whole new card for something like physics."
    When VGA cards first came out, people said the same thing about them. Who needs a specialized piece of hardware for something like graphics when it can just be done on the CPU? Video cards have brought games alot closer to real life with engrossing visuals.

    PhsX is simply the next stage of evolution.