Okami Sequel 'Okamiden' Headed to DS

Clover Studio's PlayStation 2 watercolour action adventure Okami is to receive a sequel named Okamiden for the Nintendo DS, according the latest issue of Famitsu, via IGN.

The main character is a baby wolf very similar to Okami's Amaterasu, named Chibiterasu, with gameplay also resembles the original. Wielding the DS stylus as the Celestial Brush, players will paint into the world to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.


New companion characters will feature to help solve puzzles and progress, with one such companion being Kuninushi, son of swordsman Susano from Okami.

Reportedly in development in-house at Capcom and produced by Onimusha director Motohide Eshiro, Okami will hit Japan in 2010. Nothing is known of a worldwide release.

Thanks to Shacker masem for the tip.