Serious Sam HD 'Testimonials' Offer Video Confusion

BOOM widget 84766Continuing in the whimsical glory of the Serious Sam HD "supermercial", developer Croteam and producer Devolver Digital have issued some eccentric video "testimonials" and new screenshots via the game's official site.

Unfortunately, we still don't have a solid release date for the high-def remake of Croteam's shooter. The downloadable Xbox 360 release, which supports four-player online co-op, will be $15 and is due in the vague "summer." The as-yet-unpriced PC edition will then deliver 16-person online co-op in the "fall."

Aretha Trimble: Born-Again Atheiest BOOM video 2506

Fork Parker: Chronic Pee Pee Pants Sufferer BOOM video 2503

Paia & Rink Fletsmander: Happy Couple? BOOM video 2504

Headless Kamikaze: Harbringer of Death - Off Duty BOOM video 2505