Silent Hill CGI Director Joins Tale of Tales' 'Fatale'

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 31, 2009 11:07am PDT 'The Path' developer Tale of Tales has revealed the main character for its next project 'Fatale,' designed and modelled by Silent Hill & Silent Hill 2 character designer and CGI director Takayoshi Sato.

Described by Tale of Tales as an "interactive vignette," Fatale is based on the biblical tale of Salome--and Oscar Wilde's theatrical take on her--who asked for the head of John the Baptist in return for dancing the Dance of the Seven Veils.

Sato created another, yet-unknown character for the game, which also sees many 'The Path' collaborators returning including the fine musical team of Kris Force and Jarboe.

Fatale arrives October 5 on PC, certain to provoke the 'Marmite reaction.'

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