Silent Hill CGI Director Joins Tale of Tales' 'Fatale'

BOOM widget 84753'The Path' developer Tale of Tales has revealed the main character for its next project 'Fatale,' designed and modelled by Silent Hill & Silent Hill 2 character designer and CGI director Takayoshi Sato.

Described by Tale of Tales as an "interactive vignette," Fatale is based on the biblical tale of Salome--and Oscar Wilde's theatrical take on her--who asked for the head of John the Baptist in return for dancing the Dance of the Seven Veils.

Sato created another, yet-unknown character for the game, which also sees many 'The Path' collaborators returning including the fine musical team of Kris Force and Jarboe.

Fatale arrives October 5 on PC, certain to provoke the 'Marmite reaction.'

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