God of War I & II Pack Coming to PlayStation 3

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 31, 2009 10:20am PDT A God of War double-pack will see Kratos' first two blood-drenched adventures ported to the PlayStation 3 by Blast Factor developer Bluepoint Games, Sony announced today.

God of War and God of War II will be updated to run in 720p resolution at sixty frames per second with anti-aliasing, packing a cabinet of new PlayStation Network trophies.

God of War Collection hacks its way onto PlayStation 3 this holiday season for $39.99, to be followed by Sony's Santa Monica studio's God of War 3 in March.

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  • I know that I'm totally going to get flamed for this, especially here on Shack by the fanboys. This is a really good series, but I just thought that it doesn't hold up to both the Ninja Gaiden and DMC series. I have every release so far of all 3 series, PS2, Xbox, PS3, X360. I'm not talking as someone who is bashing what I haven't played, but more as someone who's played it a large variety of these games since I've been a gamer all my life.

    Once thing that I have notice is that the GoW games are more casual friendly and easier to get into than the other series I mentioned. Maybe it's the QTE's, which I hate on most games except for RE and Shenmue. I've felt that especially for the 3rd person combat games, they are an easier way to pull all specific moves and look stylish without requiring the skill to pull it off. There are times that I look at QTE's and see it as dumbing down the genre. Ninja Blade, Heavenly Sword and The Force unleashed great examples. I enjoyed the actual combat but it seems that they were more into using the QTE's to make the figthts look cool as oppose to in DMC that you can pull something crazy off. Even He

    Don't get me wrong, but I feel that this is like Sony's Halo. I enjoyed both the Halo and GoW games but both I think are overhyped and their predecessors have been better games. Not to say that they aren't good games in their own right, but I feel that they've gotten unnaturally, and at times undeserved, high praises from the respective communities on each system. Maybe it's because of the time that they came out or whatever but people are almost cultic towards both series. Everyone bashes on the Wii as being casual but in many ways, gaming as a whole is more casual than just the Wii. Rainbow 6 as a series is a great example of this. As someone who's had every game in the series from the PC original to Vegas 2 on X360.