Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 24, 2009 4:15am PDT Oh, it's all fun and games here at Shacknews. Chris gallivants around QuakeCon, cosying up to id CEOs and superstars. Nick kicks back at BlizzCon to reacquaint himself with his dear friend the wizaaaaaaard and befriend Diablo 3's monk. Even Maarten's in on the fun, hitting up Gamescom to enjoy countless video games in a sophisticated European manner including Borderlands, which he said looked particularly splendid before sucking on a clove cigarillo.

Me? Well, knowing that events are far more work than they might appear to be, I'm secretly a little glad that I end up staffing the office to post the flood of media, even if it does mean I miss out on playing all the fancy pants video games before the hoi polloi.

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  • Repost from last night but here is a guide on how to do an Insurgent run in Shadow Complex. An Insurgent run is to only beat the game with 4% items or less backpack, flashlight, missile launcher, foam gun, and grenades. Minimum requirement to pull this off so far seems to be level 30 and having gotten all gold bars at one point because golden guns don't affect your percentage and you can get the golden shotty right at the start. Level 30 is for infinite foam which you will need to bridge a few gaps/make some jumps that are currently otherwise impossible without double/triple jump.

    Anyway, here is the run. The guy did it in 48:34 but he cut out bits in the video where he had to do stuff over and over again to get it right. The idea behind this was to give you a visual playthrough of the route itself/hints/tips.