Tricia Helfer to Voice Kerrigan in StarCraft 2

By Nick Breckon, Aug 22, 2009 2:53pm PDT Battlestar Galactica veteran Tricia Helfer will voice Zerg queen Kerrigan in Blizzard's StarCraft II.

The news broke out of BlizzCon's StarCraft II lore panel, which promised a special guest. Helfer appeared on stage with much of the title's voice cast.

From Six to Kerrigan, the life and career of Tricia Helfer.
Helfer is becoming a videogame voice regular, with credits on the upcoming Halo: ODST and past titles such as Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and Command and Conquer 3.

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  • Mixed feelings on this. If they're going with someone who isn't the original actress...then this isn't a horrible choice...there could be far worse choices than this. That said, the original actress was more than fine...and they should have gone with her if at all possible. This isn't a huge deal for me and I'm not going to nerd rage over it...but it seems stupid unless theres some unnamed reason they couldn't get the original actress that they're keeping under their hats...otherwise I find it really unnecessary to replace said original actress.

    I'd add that after that one trailer with the really shitty monotone "I'm reading this off a napkin and don't give a fuck" voice I had no expectations with regard to I'm at least happy that they're getting someone competent.