First Footage of EVE Dev's Console MMO 'DUST 514'

By Nick Breckon, Aug 19, 2009 6:54pm PDT The first video of EVE Online developer CCP's upcoming console MMO DUST 514 has been captured courtesy of

The ambitious game will directly tie into EVE Online, allowing players to fight ground-based wars on planets that exist in EVE, with the eventual goal of melding both communities of MMO players over time by way of EVE's existing corporation/alliance structure.

But I'll let CCP chief Hilmar Petursson explain the rest:

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  • CCP been talking about this for a long time, only new part really is the being on a console part...

    As for whether it will succeed....I'd put it all down on that supposed 'interaction' between EVE and this game. If that, whatever it is sucks, then it's doomed, because then it's just another shooter.

    Can't say I'm hopeful, Console<->Computer interaction is one of those holy-grails that's been promised time and time again and yet all have failed. Can't see CCP being the ones to finally do it....OTOH, EVE is pretty unique as far as MMOs go.