PSP mini Downloads Provide 'Snackable Gaming'

By Chris Faylor, Aug 18, 2009 1:38pm PDT Sony today revealed more about its "snackable gaming" initiative for the PSP, which will see a myriad of "low cost" downloadable games released under the "mini" banner.

The "minis" portion of the online PlayStation Store will premiere alongside the PSP go on October 1, with a selection of 15 launch titles and "more than 50" due by the year's end. Specific prices were not provided, and each will weigh in at no more than 100MB.

Among the titles highlighted in the "mini" storefront announcement were Hero of Sparta and MiniGore--both presumably ported from their iPhone iterations--along with Tetris, Burn Zombie Burn, Flexis, Sudoku, Puzzle Scape, BreakQuest and MelodyBloxx.

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