Morning Discussion

I dislike the phrase "The best thing since sliced bread," because sliced bread really isn't all that great. Your loaf is all cut to the same thickness, with no degree of customisation or finesse for particular roles, and you're stuck eating the same type of bread until you've eaten it all or it goes stale--which happens sooner with sliced.

No, "The best things since rolls" would make far more sense. Rolls are perfectly sized units of bread with complete crust coverage. Each roll is self-contained, meaning you can mix and match as many different styles as you please, and buy only as many as you need. Let's hear it for rolls! Thus concludes Wot Alice Ate Week. See you in 2010.

Lastly, watching QuakeCon at work is no fun--believe me, I know--so get in on the id Software fun by playing the Flash id Triple Pack over on GameFly-owned Ponged.

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