Section 8 Trailer Tells the Story of 'Section 8'

By Nick Breckon, Aug 11, 2009 11:55am PDT "You don't get into Section 8 easily," says TimeGate Studios creative director Phillip Morales. "It's a very rigorous selection process. Nobody is just picked to go into the powered armour suits."

Something tells me this premise might momentarily fall apart in the tutorial, as the new, rigorously selected players struggle to shoot a frog. But eventually players will "rise in the ranks," uncover the "true motivation" for the war, and probably teabag some mechs in multiplayer. You know how those professional Section 8 guys operate.

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  • Doesn't sound too bad actually, I was expecting any story to be awful but was surprised that they went with something fairly doable in terms of plot. Sure the sci-fi won't win any awards, but from their description it seems like they thought it through at least and have what could possibly be a good progression to the game eg: starting as a simple foot soldier and rising up in rank with the help of your commanders. There's the possibility of solid character development here.

    Of course if all they did was; "Oh no, my superior is dead! I shall now rise up to lead the way cause I'm the main character and thus made of pure awesome" - that will be extremely cliché and crap.

    Well, fingers crossed.