New Mortal Kombat Aims to Be 'Golden Standard' of Online Fighters

By Chris Faylor, Aug 10, 2009 10:20am PDT With Midway having recently sold the Mortal Kombat franchise and Chicago-based development team, among other assets, newfound owner Warner Bros. has revealed its intent to turn the fighting series into "the 'gold standard' for network play."

"We are looking for someone who wants to push the boundaries of what is possible with online interaction," reads a job listing for WB Games Chicago uncovered by TRMK. That someone will be expected to help "implement cutting-edge online features to ensure the Mortal Kombat franchise is an industry leader in online functionality."

The Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe team, recently rebranded WB Games Chicago, and series co-creator Ed Boon are currently working on a new entry tentatively dubbed Mortal Kombat 9. Little is known of the new project, with Boon having promised that the game is targeting a Mature rating, has "sick" fatalites, and won't include any superheroes.

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  • I really want to see them return MK to its roots. Maybe not completely since the roots are pretty basic by today's standards, but it seems like Boon wants to at least make it more like old school FF again, making fatalities the center focus. Fatalities and gore in general are both tame and pretty much expected by today's standards, but if they came up with a fresh interesting way to implement them or just flesh them out a lot more than any other game has (extreme internal organ detail, etc). Make them SHOCKING. Make them controversy-material, like Manhunt 2's.

    Push the limits of what the console devs would allow on the system, and if it gets you an AO rating.......good. As long as it's not rated AO for sex, I can see MK9 actually being a video game industry milestone as the first AO game to be officially released on at least two consoles. After that, AO ratings would start relaxing, and we'd start seeing some really crazy stuff, and then video games would finally be on par with movies, as the rating system should have been in the first place.