Arkham Asylum Dev Diary: Batman's Sense and English Sensibilities

By Nick Breckon, Aug 07, 2009 2:46pm PDT Get your post-demo fix of Batman talk with this new dev diary, a behind-the-scenes look at Rocksteady Studios' work on the project.

Arkham hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 25, with the PC version following up on September 15.

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  • fyi gents , the demo was set to EASY.

    one of the guys over at eurogamer forums emailed a guy at edios :
    08 Aug '09 22:34:24

    Oh, and I asked Keir at Eidos what difficulty level the demo is. It's set to easy. :P

    " It's set to easy.

    In hard you got things like no warning of incoming attacks in FreeFlow - this adds a massive new challenge to the game. Thugs reaction time, speed, damage and willingness to take advantage of you when you're under attack all increase. In the rooms with armed thugs, these will look up on gargoyles for you so you need to be more careful when navigating the room. The bosses will also be more difficult with more dangerous attacks on hard."

    And that email is hot out my inbox from Sefton Hill (I had to email him because I'm too much of a pussy to play in hard).

  • I just played through the Demo, and I need to ask you guys a question.. I think I broke something...

    OK, so, I played through the demo, and beat it, watched the end trailer and everything was good...

    Then, I decided to play through it again and when I got to the area with the Caution Tape(take the left path to a locked door, take the right path and move on and get another Bio unlock) and I decided to break the Tape all the way with my Boomerang.... well... once it was fully broken, all the sudden the shards of the tape (i am guessing) started having massive noclip/plane problems as it grew like crystals that fanned out all over the level (and causing my system to drop to a crawl as they tried to apply physics to every plane that was intersecting each other...)

    I tried to restart from the last check point, but even after reloading, it was still like this...

    Not saying the game is bad, but they definitely have some beta testing left to do.... personally I loved the demo...

    Can anyone load it up and try this to see if it does it to you? I have a Q6600@2.4, 9600GT (MSI Branded) and 4gigs of ram (but running winXP32 so only seeing 3.5 of it)

    I have it on 1920x1200, 2xAA, Normal physics turned on, and everything else on high (the game ran pretty smooth with a few slow downs, but I just wanted to see how pretty it COULD be so I went ahead and played with the slow downs...)