Brutal Legend Lawsuit Settled

By Nick Breckon, Aug 06, 2009 11:54am PDT Double Fine's action game Brutal Legend will not be delayed from its October release after all, as the lawsuit between the developer and former publisher Activision has been settled out of court, according to the Associated Press.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. A hearing scheduled for today to determine whether the suit would progress to court has been cancelled.

Activision was suing to prevent the release of Brutal Legend, claiming that it never relinquished its rights to the title before Double Fine signed a new publishing deal with Electronic Arts. Double Fine maintained that Activision was unfairly attempting to block the release to avoid competition.

In any case, it's all over now, and the game will be released without impediment.

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  • Both Activision and EA used to be the shit. Now they're little more than evil, noncompetitive, progress-impeding megasupergiant corporations. They don't care about their products or their customers.

    Back in the day though, Activision put out some really great products, as well as EA. The last good Activision product I can remember though was probably Interstate'76. Then they did Motor City Online. I wasn't able to play that one though. A lot of people apparently had a lot of fun with it though, but then Activision shut it down, much to the distaste of their customers. Since then, things have been downhill.

    Tell them what you think of them with your dollars, people. Do not buy any of their games. This goes for EA as well. Tell them to shape up, or go the fuck out of business. No one will miss them considering the state their products are in today.